Individuals who have a grievance related to the determination of eligibility for reasonable accommodations and/or the provision of disability-related services and/or accommodations through the Office of Disability Resources (ODR) at Appalachian State University are entitled to prompt and equitable resolution.

Accommodation Reconsideration

Individuals who have a grievance are first encouraged to request a reconsideration. An Accommodation Reconsideration Process provides individuals with the opportunity to request a review of a prior ODR decision regarding an eligibility determination.

An individual who wishes to initiate this process should submit a request in writing for review of the service or accommodation to the the ADA/504 Coordinator/ODR Director.

Individuals are encouraged to submit their request for reconsideration as soon as possible following their receipt of the disputed determination.

The ADA/504 Coordinator/ODR Director will review the information leading to the original eligibility decision.  During the review, the ADA/504 Coordinator/ODR Director may request additional information to ensure a careful and thorough reassessment of the initial determination(s) made.

Grievance Procedure

An individual with a grievance, hereafter referred to as “Complainant,” may file a report with the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs within Academic Affairs. The report should be submitted in writing to the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, or designee, and include the nature of the grievance; information about attempts to resolve the issue with the ODR; and the results of such attempts.

The Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs, or designee, shall determine if the situation warrants a fact-finding process. Individuals shall be notified in writing whether or not there will be a fact-finding process.

The fact-finding process may include interviews and the review of documents and other relevant information. At the conclusion, the complainant and ODR will be provided with a summary of the findings.  

Policy 110: Discrimination, Harrassment and Retaliation

Policy 110 prohibits all forms of discrimination and harassment based on protected class status. This policy also prohibits all forms of retaliation against any individual because of their participation in the reporting, investigation, or adjudication of alleged violations of this policy. 

Policy 110 applies to all members of the Appalachian State University community including students, faculty, and staff, as well as visitors and contractors. Further, Appalachian has authority to address any prohibited conduct, as outlined in this policy, that occurs on university premises. Appalachain also reserves the right to address off-campus behavior prohibited by this policy when it is determined that the off-campus behavior is detrimental to the campus community and its educational mission.