ODR Testing Proctoring FAQs

 ODR Test Proctoring Frequently Asked Questions

Why does ODR use an online module for scheduling tests?

Using an online module is the most efficient and accessible way for students to request tests and faculty to confirm test proctoring instructions..The online module streamlines process, reduces the likelihood of human error, eliminates barriers related to confidentiality, and upholds test integrity.

With so many test formats and methods of test administration; on a given day ODR may proctor an online test on AsULearn, a handwritten essay test, or a standard multiple choice exam, all with varying testing accommodations and materials allowed. Once test proctoring instructions have been submitted, this information is printed directly from the module and attached to your test to ensure we provide exactly the materials listed and any pertinent instructions provided are followed.  

Why do students test in ODR instead of with me?

Faculty are encouraged to provide testing accommodations themselves if they are able to. ODR test proctoring is only available for tests that are 30 minutes or more, so for tests/quizzes that are shorter in duration, instructors will need to coordinate with the student to provide the accommodations themselves.

There are some situations where faculty would not be able to provide testing accommodations so ODR provides offers proctoring on a limited basis. These may include but are not limited to:

  • teaching back to back classes and cannot proctor the extended time,
  • unable to find a location for a distraction reduced environment,
  • and/or lack of access to assistive technology accommodations.


What deadlines are required of students when they want to take a proctored test in ODR?

Students initiate the request for a test to be proctored within ODR. During the Fall and Spring semesters, to ensure ODR has the space, proctor and resources available to proctor the test students must make a request at least one week prior to the test.

ODR uses this one week timeline  due to limited space and proctors available  within our office. We have six small individual rooms and one small group testing room with an additional six spaces. Knowing of a student’s intent to come within a week allows us sufficient time to secure both a space and proctor in addition to coordinate with faculty. If we find that we are full during a specific timeslot, knowing a week in advance allows us enough time to coordinate an additional proctoring space (such as converting our conference room or finding an alternative space) or to coordinate with faculty about proctoring during an alternate test date or time.

 Students can make a non-standard request (a request made after established timelines) to the office, however ODR does not automatically permit this scheduling. We consult with our schedule to see if we have space available. It is not our policy to expect faculty to provide us instructions the day of a test.


Why would a student choose a separate date and time than my actual test time?

Many times this is because a student has an extended time accommodation. If they have back to back classes they may need to start a test early or at a separate time in order to utilize this accommodation.

ODR proctoring is available 8:30am-4:30pm. All proctoring requests (including the extended time) must fall into this timeframe.

What obligations am I under if a student does not make a test request on time?

When faculty are notified via email of a student requesting you view their Accommodation Plan,  you should have an interactive communication regarding how any testing accommodations will be implemented. If you know that you will be unable to provide the testing accommodations yourself, please make it clear to the student that must use ODR Testing Proctoring. If they do not follow through with established procedures for ODR Test Proctoring then you are not required to provide the testing accommodations in the classroom.

What deadlines are required of me when using the ODR’s test proctoring?

When a student first makes a test request you receive an email notification. Test proctoring instructions (acknowledgement of test time and materials allowed) are due to ODR at least two days prior to the test. The test itself can be uploaded to the module, hand delivered, or emailed to ODR two hours prior to the test.

Sometimes students proactively make requests for all the dates listed on the syllabus. We understand that you may not know the format of your test just yet or are uncertain that test date will remain the same. It is okay not to confirm the test instructions if the test is too far in advance, and we ask students to let us know if they know a date has been changed.

ODR will send a reminder two days prior to a test if we have not received instructions, and a reminder for the test itself one day prior if we have not already received it.


Why are the test proctoring instructions so important?

Our Assistant Director who supervises the Test Proctoring is continually researching national trends in regards to college tests. We make sure that we are aware of new testing formats (such as using scratch off scantrons) or cheating trends (using Apple watches). Because there are so many test formats and methods of administering tests, professor provided proctoring instructions are vital to ensuring we know how you would like your test proctored. 

While providing blank paper to a student may not seem substantial, it could provide an unfair advantage during a test if those in the classroom were unable to use it. Some professors do not use scantrons on multiple choice tests and prefer students write directly on the test, while other professors require that no markings be made on the test so they can use it again and instead require use of a scantron. Some professors like to use bluebooks; others are fine with lined paper. Some classes require a very specific calculator; to others any kind is permitted. Sometimes students can use notecards of formulas; other times allowing this would inherently change the testing purpose. 

ODR does not interpret how faculty would like your test administered. For example, if we receive a multiple choice test and you did not indicate a scantron could be used, then we will not provide one. What may be appropriate for one test, may not be for another test in a different content area. Providing us specific, exact instructions ensure your student will have the same access to your test as those in the classroom.


Why does ODR only proctor tests, and not quizzes?

ODR will proctor any timed assessment that is 30 minutes or more in the classroom. Due to the volume of test requests we receive and our limited space, it is difficult for ODR to proctor quizzes as well. We encourage faculty to make arrangements with students to provide these testing accommodations (such as doing so during office hours) so that students do not miss a significant portion of class lectures/activities, but always welcome faculty consulting with us to determine if exceptions are needed to test in ODR.


Why are tests due to ODR at least two hours prior to the test?

ODR often is starting multiple students at one time.  To ensure the test is set up with appropriate materials and accommodations for the when the student arrives, we must have the test in advance allows us time to make sure we have what we need in order to provide the student’s testing accommodations. For example, if a student has an enlarged print accommodation or utilizes text to speech, if we receive the test in an incompatible format, this gives us enough time to convert so it is accessible.


What happens after I send you my test?

For tests received via email  we print the test, lock it in a secure drawer, and then delete your original email from our inbox. We continuously delete our trashed emails.

For test received via the module, the test is stored on the server until the test date then printed.


Can I just confirm instructions one time instead of for every student and every test?

Yes! After you receive your first request for a course section you may indicate in the test proctoring instructions to apply those parameters to all future requests made for that section. You will still get a notification email that a student has made a request for their test to be proctored, but you will not need to return to the module to confirm proctoring instructions. However, you may return at any time if you want to update those instructions.


Why doesn’t ODR deliver completed tests to my office?

Due to our limited Test Proctoring Staff, proctors must stay in the office to coordinate and  proctor tests; therefore they are unable to hand deliver tests directly.


How secure is the testing environment in ODR?

ODR takes the security of your test seriously. Because the majority of the tests we proctor are at the undergraduate level, we do not employ any undergraduate student workers in our office. The only people who have access to your test are the ODR professional full-time staff, and the Testing Coordinators (paid graduate assistants).

While integrity violations are always a threat, ODR works diligently  to eliminate such issues. Students must place all belongings in a secured cubby before entering a test. They check in electronically where they are reminded of what is/is not allowed in the testing environment and agree to abide by Appalachian’s Integrity Code.  Along with signage they are also verbally asked to make sure they have locked away their cell phones. If a student is using technology (such as typing an essay test) access to the internet is restricted. All students are consistently monitored, and mirrors have even been placed strategically on the ceilings to allow us better viewing of what is in front of a student.