Testing Accommodations

Testing accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, in consideration of an individual’s disability documentation or presentation of the functional limitations of a condition which impacts a student’s ability to take tests/quizzes in a traditional classroom setting or format.

Testing accommodations are generally applicable for timed assessments including tests, quizzes and final exams. Instructors are encouraged to contact ODR if they believe the requested accommodations fundamentally alter the course.


Students must request instructors view their Accommodation Plan which outlines approved accommodations. 

Testing accommodations may be provided by the instructor (including online) or through proctoring in ODR. In general instructors are responsible for administering testing accommodations for any assessment (such as a quiz) with a duration of less than 30 minutes. Together, through an interactive communication the student and the instructor must determine whether the instructor can provide the testing accommodations or ODR proctoring will be needed

The Office of Disability Resources (ODR) offers test proctoring on a limited basis for the use of instructors who are unable to provide the approved testing accommodations for tests or final exams which have a duration of more than 30 minutes (45 minutes with 50% extended time).