Navigating College with a Disability & Accommodations

Schedule Creation Considerations & Disability Related Needs:

  • Be mindful of scheduling classes so you may use your accommodations (i.e., not taking back to back classes when you plan to use extended test time). 
  • Consider locations and travel time needed between classes to ensure you are on time. 
  • Consider optimal times to be in class with medication usage or potential challenges or exacerbations related to your disability that could impact your schedule.
  • Choose instructors who use formats most conducive to your learning style.

Communication with Instructors:

  • Review course requirements and make sure you know what you need to do to fulfill them. 
  • Communicate with your professors as soon as possible.
  • If you have accommodations which need pre-planning, you are encouraged to reach out before the semester begins.
  • Have an interactive communication regarding the syllabus, teaching method, materials needed, format of course and test formats  with your instructor to determine which accommodations you may need to use and how these will be implemented. 

Using Accommodations

  • Request that instructors view your Academic Adjustment/Accommodation Plan and discuss with instructors which will be used and how they will be implemented
  • Testing accommodations, make sure you discuss with your instructor to determine if they will provide or if you need to take your tests in ODR. If ODR will be utilized, follow procedures to request via the online module. 
  • Alternate format of materials, purchase/rent your textbooks and then follow procedures to request via the online module. 
  • Peer supplemental notes, follow procedure for requesting for each specific course. 

Tips for success

  • Look into resources which provide learning supports (ie., tutoring, skill development, etc.) and strategies that could enhance your performance. 
  • Explore Assistive and Accessible Technology Options
  • Know your classroom locations and visit your classrooms in advance. 
  • Maintain communication with your advisor regarding scheduling needs related to your disability.
  • Use campus resources (ie.,such as counseling, wellness, etc.) for additional supports.

 Engage with ODR

  • to discuss potential resources including assistive technologies,
  • to learn more about self- advocacy,
  • if you think you may need to change accommodations or need additional accommodations,
  •  to review your approved accommodations,
  • to learn applicable ODR policies and procedures,
  • if you are approaching an internship/practicum, OIED trip, etc. and would like to discuss how your conditions may be impacted or the potential of needing accommodations in such settings, or
  • would like a general a check-in meeting.  

 Contact ODR to discuss any additional barriers you encounter, resources/supports, or challenges.