Employee Procedure for Workplace Accommodation

Reasonable Accommodations in Employment

Appalachian State University is committed to  equal opportunity in all aspects of employment for qualified employees (EHRA, SHRA, Faculty, etc.) with disabilities. Employees who need reasonable workplace accommodations on the basis of a disability as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in order to complete the essential functions of their job or have access to the University's programs and activities must request accommodations to the ODR.  

Reasonable accommodations include any change or modification in the work environment that enables a qualified individual with a disability to enjoy equal employment opportunities and/or perform the essential functions of a position. Reasonable accommodations are provided to ensure individuals with disabilities have equal access and are based on the current impact and functional limitations caused by a disability.

Reasonable workplace accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • Making existing facilities readily accessible and usable by persons with disabilities;

  • Job restructuring, modifying work schedules, reassignment to a vacant position; or

  • Acquiring or modifying equipment, devices or auxiliary aids.

The University is not obligated and does not provide personal use items/devices needed in accomplishing daily activities (e.g., eyeglasses, hearing aids, wheelchairs).

Request Process

In order to determine eligibility and establish that an individual is covered under the ADA the following is generally needed:

  1. Request and documentation: Employees should complete an Employee Accommodation Request. The employee will be contacted to discuss the request for accommodations and potential need for disability documentation.  For assistance animal accommodations within University Housing additional requirements are needed.

  2. Interactive process: The ADA/504 Coordinator, or designee, will engage in an interactive process with the employee and the supervisor to determine essential job functions and reasonable accommodations.

  3. Implementation: Upon completion of the interactive process, the ADA/504 Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that approved accommodations are understood and implemented in a timely manner. 

Employees are encouraged to begin this process as early as possible to ensure the timely provision of accommodations.  Once both disclosure form and appropriate documentation is received every effort will be made to determine eligibility and provide related accommodations within 15 business days of submission.

Temporary and Pregnancy Related Conditions

Information on supports for those navigating temporary injuries or pregnancy related conditions.


Appalachian State University is committed to providing an institutional environment free from discriminiation and harassment to the Appalachian community, including students, faculty, staff and others who participate in University Programs, activities, or conduct business on behalf of the University.