Student Resources

Transition Resources: Resources to help individuals understand what to expect at the university level when receiving reasonable accommodations including the rights and responsibilities of those involved. Also included are links which may be helpful in the transition from university to employment.

Incoming Student Information: Supplemental information for incoming students with disabilities to best support the transition to App State.

Navigating College with a Disability & Accommodations: Helpful considerations for naviating college with a disability and while using accommodations.

Student University Resources: Appalachian State University resources/services available to help students achieve success throughout their academic career.

Navigating Temporary and Pregnancy Related Conditions: Information on supports for those navigating temporary injuries or pregnancy related conditions.

Concerns/Complaints: Appalachian State University is committed to providing an institutional environment free from discriminiation and harassment to the Appalachian community, including students, faculty, staff and others who participate in University programs, activities, or conduct business on behalf of the University

Record Retention, Release Authorization: Information related to file retention.

SensusAccess: Document conversion tool for converting text and image-based files into more accessible formats